Sunday, 17 February 2013

φ gets 'Scratch'ed!

Let us give you the take-home message of this post right from the beginning: that food was fucking amazing! We seriously doubt we'll be able to find a supper club that tops 'Scratch Secret Suppers'. It could be our friendly hosts, the chatty friends that joined us, the very interesting people we met on our table, the fact that it was Friday and we had a couple of bottles of vino with us, but even all that aside, the food alone was seriously exciting!
The friends we dragged with :)

Jane and Michelle, our two hosts, definitely know what they're doing, and they're doing it right! Their studio flat is small and we were surprised they managed to seat 16 on two big tables (it begs the question, do they move their bed out of the flat each time?) Their kitchen is TINY, especially for the number of dishes they served and they have no dishwasher -we so sympathize with that. They are both very easy-going, confident - Michelle having worked as a professional chef in Australia might have something to do with that- and most of all very welcoming and fun to chat with. 
φ and Scratch in their tiny kitchen!

Angeliki and Brais, the two friends that joined us, are excellent company for good food and copious amounts of wine. Being the social butterflies they are, we quickly met the other people on our table and had a few hours of some rather engaging conversations. Peter, who was sitting next to us for example, has apparently been to countless fine restaurants and to supper clubs as far as Argentina. He was equally impressed with Jane and Michelle's food, by the way.
With Peter

The food, a seven-course menu was so good that we're afraid words can't do it justice. Instead, we'll post the menu with our ratings and pictures (we decided to each rate in a scale from 1 to 10 every dish right there and then)

Edelflower Belini, Walnut and Feta Crostini with Crispy Pancetta & Shredded Basil
Angeliki: 9, Brais: 7, Konstantinos: 8, Danai: 8

Jerusalem Artichoke 'Soupette' with Truffle Oil & Hazelnuts served with a Turkey Pistachio and Raisin Cigar
A:9, B: 8.5, K: 9, D: 9

Burrata with Crystalized Fig, Vietnamese Mint, Lemon Zest and Balsamic Reduction
A: 7, B: 9, K: 7, D: 9

Vietnamese Stuffed Calamari with Rice Vermicelli and Coriander, Lime and Peanut dressing
A: 8, B: 7, K: 9, D: 8

Slow Cooked Duck with Szechuan Peppercorn, Cinnamon, Orange & Juniper Berries served with Wet Polenta and a Nectarine and Lime Chutney
A: 8.5, B: 8, K: 8, D: 7.5

Orange, Ginger and Date Pudding with Cardamom and Caramel Sauce
A: 8, B: 8, K: 6, D: 8

Fresh Mint Tea, Chocolate Truffles
A: 6, B: 8, K: 9, D: 8.5

And all this for 40GBP each: let's be honest, you shouldn't miss Scratch, visit their website and book their next supper! We know we'll be back for sure!

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